Updated as of 1/14/2008

Time for a little updateing!

Current Project

"The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor"

Studio: Digital Domain

Title: Massive Artist


I also currently have these four films I just finished up

on in the theaters and coming soon!

Studio: Rhythm and Hues

Title:  Massive Artist


Studio: Sony Pictures Imageworks

Title:  Technical Animator


Studio:  Asylum FX

Title: Layout and Previs Animator


Studio: Asylum FX

Title: Layout and Previs Animator




Updated as of 2/3/2007


Well it's been just about 2yrs since I've actually updated the ol' site.

So I figured it was about time.


Ideally I would really like to over haul this site but I'm

far from an HTML guru. So bare with me and my work in progress.

Aight now, with that out of the way onto what I've been doing.

Well since last time and Ill make this short and quick.  So I ended up

at Sony Imageworks at the end of the summer of 05' to

start work on a new feature "Beowulf".  I stayed there for almost

a year before I left to go back to AsylumFX.  There I jumped

right into working on "DejaVu" and "Apacolypto" along with a ton

of commercials including "Stress Monster" which is up for a Clio Award for

animation! (Highest award given to commercials) . Though as

of last Friday worked had slowed down and I went on the hunt

again.  So coming full circle as of Monday I'll be back at Sony Imageworks

finishing up on "Beowulf".



Past Projects

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Past Commercials

(or at least the one's that are on Youtube =)


Stress Monster

Dodge Nitro

Nintendo:  Diddy Kong Raceing


Past Game Titles

(I posted the xbox image but they were multi platform)